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Need help with Recursive Bubble Sort Algorithm

I am trying to implement bubble sort using recursion and have got a response

ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 11

Unable to figure out where I went wrong..

public static int[] recBubSort(int []arr, int n){
if(n > arr.length-1){
return arr;

if(arr[n] > arr[n+1]){
return recBubSort(arr,n+1);

public static void swap(int arr[], int minPos, int index) {
//System.out.println("SelectionSort SWAP...");
int temp = arr[minPos];
arr[minPos] = arr[index];
arr[index] = temp;


Tried Referring to these sources:

Would Appreciate your helpSmile in helping me debug this code.
Hi pixielot, sa tingin ko nagkaka-arrayindexoutofbounds ka sa last index ng array mo. Kasi sa line 2 ng code mo nilagay mo is 
if(n > arr.length-1)

So if meron kang array na:
int[] arr = {5, 4, 8, 1, 3, 9};

Tas pag nasa index 5 kana which is the last index, yung condition mo na n > arr.length, ay di mahihit. Therefore, tuloy tuloy sya tapos sa line 6 magkakaexception ka:
if(arr[n] > arr[n+1])

since arr[5 + 1] = wala na out of bounds na ng array.

Pwede mo ichange yung condition mo sa line 2 na:
if(n > arr.length-2)

Para di mahit yung exception. Though I don't think sorted na sya. Need mo pa ichange yung logic mo sa bubble sort.

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