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Qaulity Free Programming Resources in 2020
Free Pro (some for a limited time) - some requires student email a.k.a. email domains

  1. GitHub Student Developer Pack (requires student email)

    GitHub Pro forever (while your email is active)
    1 year .me domain with SSL
    3 months pro
    and at least a hundred more!

  2. Visual Studio Dev Essentials - (any email will do!)

    Azure Free account + $200 credit
    Pluralsight Free for 1 month
    DataCamp 2 month subscription
    and at least 10 more!

  3. Loom Pro Forever - 
    (needs a 1-time verification from a student email)
    - A high quality screen capture tool 
Just simply free 

  1. SoloLearn Free -
    - Pro vs Free don't have any significant difference! All tutorials/courses are available for free!

  2. HackerRank -
    - learn and practice coding skills from beginner to advanced all for free, can also prepare and make your portfolio here to be ready to get a job in the future!
Newly added:

  1. freeCodeCamp -
    - completely free but high quality tutorials and certifications specially in web development.

I am sure I missed way many great learning resources out there, so please share yours as well!
I am very willing to keep this post up-to-date for our fellow pinoy coders, when we find something worthwhile being shared.
Ako din nakakuha dati sa microsoft ng free pluralsight for 1 month tas HackerRank natry ko nadin dati in one of the companies na inapplyan ko. Never heard sa ibang mga sites but thanks for sharing this info!
#3 for web development

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